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Osovskii O.E.

Oleg E. Osovskii, DSc in Philology, Professor, Pricipal Researcher, M.E. Evsevyev Mordovia State Pedagogical University, Studencheskaja Street, 11a, 430007, Saransk, Russia. E-mail:


The article deals with one of the aspects of the problem “M.М. Bakhtin and the XXth Western Literature”. It is connected with the scholar’s reception of modernist artistic achievements. The author analyzes Bakhtin’s reception of J. Joyce’s work. The materials published in Bakhtin’s collected works allow us to say that the scientist knew the innovative nature of the works of the author of “Ulysses”. As well Bakhtin methodology is an effective tool for studying the deeply carnivalized and polyphonic world of J. Joyce and his characters. No less important for the disclosure of the stated problem is H. Miller’s fiction. The carnival elements of H. Miller’s texts, its characteristic images of the bodily bottom, and internal polyphony are another sign of a new literary consciousness.


M.M. Bakhtin; J. Joyce; H. Miller; modernism; literary experiment; carnivalization; polyphony.





For citation

Osovskii, O.E. “Close up with Trimalchio: M.M. Bakhtin, James Joyce and Henry Millerˮ. Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal, no. 4(54), 2021, pp. 179–193. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2021.54.11

DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2021.54.11


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