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Andreyushkina T.N.

Tatiana N. Andreyushkina, DSc in Philology, Professor of the Department of Theory and Practice of Nranslation, Togliatti State University, Belorusskaya Street, 14, 445020, Togliatti, Russia. ORCID ID: ; E-mail: а


The article discusses several poems-pretexts of Inventory by Günter Aich, the style of which is compared with the poems of Eich written at the same time: Camp 16 and Recipe for Pancakes. On the one hand, the pretexts of Inventory could be the surrealistic poem of the same name by Jacque Prevert and Masha Kaleko’s Inventory of the migration period. On the other hand, the military songs of Wolf von Nibelschütz and Josef Weinheber could also become a model for Eich. But the main pretext of the Inventory is the poem written in 1916 by Richard Weiner. The article analyzes three translations of Eich’s Inventory (I. Fradkin, V. Bibikhin and Yu. Livshits) from the point of view of preserving the poetological nature of Еich’s poem in them. Also several transformed versions of Eich’s Inventory in the works of G. Rühm, K. Dravert, R. Gernhardt and H.M. Enzensberger are presented. Historical-literary and comparative methods of research made it possible to demonstrate the main characteristics of the lyrical genre of inventory, its relevance not only in the transitional period of changing literary trends and the formation of a new artistic language in the post-war period, but also in modern poetry, which preserves previous poetic traditions.


inventory; poetological poem; pretext; literary translation; poetic transformations; Günter Eich.





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Andreyushkina, T.N. “Pretexts of Günter Eich’s Inventory”. Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal, no. 4(62), 2023, pp. 53–77. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2023.62.04

DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2023.62.04


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