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BORIS FEDOROVICH EGOROV IN THE CIRCLE OF SPECIALISTS IN THE STUDY OF NEKRASOV (Based on materials from the scientist’s personal archive and library)

Dmitriev A.P.



studies of Nekrasov; B.F. Egorov; N.N. Skatov; inscript; bibliography; scientific community.

DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2021.52.04


The article assesses the contribution of the outstanding philologist and culturologist B.F. Egorov to studies of Nekrasov, identifies his scientific contacts among specialists in the study of the life and work of Nekrasov.
The inscripts on books and articles about Nekrasov donated to B.F. Egorov are published. The creative and friendly relations between B.F. Egorov and N.N. Skatov are described. In the appendixitis published for the first time an article by B.F. Egorov, written shortly before his death and dedicated to the works of N.N. Skatov about Nekrasov.

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