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A.N. Engelhardt and the problems of rural life in L.N. Tolstoy’s novel «Anna Karenina»

Pavlova I. B.


The article is devoted to the attitude of L.N. Tolstoy to the position of the Russian peasantry and post-reform rural life, which was vividly reflected in the novel «Anna Karenina». The searches of the central hero Levin are close to the activities of those representatives of the educated part of Russian society in the 1870 s who were not indifferent to the fate of the masses. These include the essays «From the Village» – 12 letters of the economist, agronomist, educator A.N. Engelhardt, highly regarded by Tolstoy.


novel «Anna Karenina» by L. Tolstoy; «science of management»; Levin’s quests; the fate of the peasantry; the essays «From the Village» by A.N. Engelhardt.

DOI: 10/31249/litzhur/2021.51.05

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