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«Can’t get used to it»: from the experience of reading prose and poetry by Boris Pasternak

Dmitrenko S.F.


The artistic originality of the novel «Doctor Zhivago» is considered in the article on the basis of personal reader impressions, without taking into account existing interpretations and «without a special research task» (Igor P. Smirnov). The accession of «Doctor Zhivago» to the corpus of poetic works by Boris Pasternak of Russian classical literature of the twentieth century can only be possible on the basis of historical and literary research, which not only substantiates the artistic validity of the narrative solutions proposed by the author of the novel, but also offers the readers natural ways of aesthetic communication with the book.


Boris Pasternak; «Doctor Zhivago»; a novel by twentieth century; Soviet literature; socialist realism; the writer as the reader.

DOI: 10/31249/litzhur/2020.50.03

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