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Naturalism in French literature and the work of Guy de Maupassant

Tolmatchoff V.M.


The paper is written in polemics with a tradition of soviet and post-soviet literary studies which have ignored the existence of naturalism in a role of the first-scale Literary event as well as of one of the main varieties of non-classical letters. V.M. Tolmatchoff offers a detailed outline of G. de Maupassant’s naturalism in a context of dynamics of french naturalism (J. de Goncourt, E. de Goncourt, E. Zola), gives his interpretation of Maupassant’s most famous novels and the influence of its naturalism on western and russian literature.


literary naturalism; naturalism in French literature; E. de Goncourt, J. de Goncourt; G. de Maupassant; interpretation of naturalist novels; «Germinie Lacerteux»; «Nana»; «Germinal»; «L’Œuvre»; «Une vie»; «Bel-Ami»

DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2020.48.01

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