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Osokin M. Yu.

Mikhail Yu. Osokin, PhD in Philology, Independent Researcher, Thailand. ORCID ID: E-mail:


This article complements a picture of controversy over Ivan Elagin’s Satire on a Fop and Coquettes and epistle To Sumarokov, which were the reason of the first literary scandal of the eighteenth century in 1753–1754. The full text of the satire The Mad Rhymer on Ivan Elagin was remained in manuscript ‘First Notebook of Diverse Critical Works’ (1779) from Feopempt Molostvov’s archive and now is published for the first time. Molostvov, the Kazan nobleman who lived in Petersburg and collected unpublished literary works. In his copy the satire was attributed to M. Lomonosov’s disciple Ivan Barkov. In 1973, G.N. Moiseeva quoted a part of this satire with attribution to N. Popovsky, another Lomonosov’s disciple. She used Gerhard Friedrich Müller’s manuscript book where the satire was incomplete and anonymous. It is clear that the author of this satire followed the argument of Lomonosov, reflecting the position commonly known from Lomonosov’s letters to Ivan Shuvalov, epigram on Elagin, and others Lomonosov’s polemic texts. This sometimes makes it clearer, but cut down the criticism of Lomonosov about Sumarokov. Both attributions of the satire to Popovsky and Barkov is considered in the second part of the article, where the issue of authorship is resolved.


controversy; satire; Lomonosov; Nikolai Popovsky; A. Sumarokov; Ivan Elagin; Ivan Barkov.





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Osokin, M. Yu. “Elaginomachia. I. The Mad Rhymer: by N. Popovsky or I. Barkov? Towards the Revision of the Literary Wars of the Eighteenth Century”. Literaturovedcheskii zhurnal, no. 4(62), 2023, pp. 95–116. (In Russ.) DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2023.62.06

DOI: 10.31249/litzhur/2023.62.06


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