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Rozanov as a researcher of Lermontov’s poetry

Олейник В.Т.


The article deals with Rozanov’s statements on the poetic works of Lermontov, found in his critical publications (from 1889 till 1919). The aim of this research was not to collect these assertions, comments and observations more or less completely or to list them separately one by one. We tried to analyze and estimate them as various manifestations of a systematic point of view, as the sustainable concept of Lermontov’s poetical heritage and of its impact on the history of the Russian literature.


M.Y. Lermontov; N.V. Gogol; genuine Russian Romanticism; demonic; diablerie; theodicy; the system of personal values; dialectics of good and evil; somnambular wanderings; inescapable cosmic essence; metaphysics of a dream; individual mentality; the poet as a prophet; pessimism of a very strong will and of a heroic spirit.

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